Suppose you’re a dancer/choreographer—Olivier Wevers.
You want to start your own company—Whim W’Him.
You have masses of artistic talent, training and vision yourself, plus good people skills, but so far very little money. There’s a recession on too, and you require major help with all the myriad jobs on the non-artistic side of running a company.
So you need to find yourself an administrator who combines an insider’s knowledge of dance with a formidable array of organizational/financial/executive skills—along with the know-how and experience to deploy them in a non-profit context.
You would, of course, prefer an intelligent, cheerful, social, highly energetic performing arts lover, who is also personable, persuasive, amusing and willing to work long hours.
Oh, and this someone must be committed to volunteering without pay for an indefinite number of years.
Does a person like that even exist?
The answer, amazingly, is yes.
Meet Katie Bombico.

Katie grew up in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, fully intending to be a ballet dancer.
At age 16 h