And then there’s Bastille Day, July 14……celebrated this year, at The Triple Door in Nightcap: L’Edition Francaise. Billed as “Sophisticated entertainment for Seattle’s Francophiles,” it will be “a provocative evening of Francophilia not to be missed.”Three choreographers, among them Olivier Wevers, Artistic Director of Whim W’Him, will present “new dance and burlesque,” exploring “farce, manipulation, naïveté and alluring indifference in three individual short programs.”

Olivier’s piece features the sensational and sensuous queen of slinky, Kylie Lewallen and her inscrutable partner in crime, known under the name of Paris Original in an apache/Flamenco/tango number—smoldering, comic, raunchy, and oddly touching…

O la la !
What more can I say?!
Come see for yourself:

All photos by La Vie Photography