This summer is a complicated juncture in the life of Lucien Postlewaite, one of Whim W’Him’s core and founding members, who is leaving in a few days to join Les Ballets de Monte Carlo. It’s winding up in the finishing-things-off sense and winding up in the sense of getting-ready-to-pitch.

On this side of the divide, before departure, are the logistical necessities of working out how to wire money; dealing with mobile phones; packing up furniture, artworks, other belongings, and deciding what to take and what to leave here with his husband Olivier Wevers (Whim W’Him’s artistic director); waiting for movers to arrive (twice! the first set didn’t turn up); renting out the condo—and so on.

There are, too, the delicate inner negotiations involved in saying goodbyes which aren’t exactly that—at the very least Lucien will be back dancing for Whim W’Him in January. Already he misses his close involvement with the company, watching Olivier’s voice evolve on a daily basis, feeling his bonds with the other dancers deepen. It’s both hard to walk away and something he needs to do for his own personal and artistic growth.