…you can’t keep whimmers from their appointed turns.

All day and well into the evening at Intiman Theatre, Whim W’Him Artistic director Olivier Wevers, lighting designer Michael Mazzola, stage crew and dancers worked at getting lighting and all the tech stuff right. It’s a time-consuming and exacting process.

All got to the theater however they could, and dancers good-naturedly alternated full-out rehearsal with standing around under lights, repeating small sections again and again, vying with each other to do fancy pushups, and joining Lucien Postlewaite in sharing a scrumptious surprise lemon-pistachio birthday cake from Columbia Bakery (graciously supplied by board member Julie Davis) along with a few sips of champagne.

Whim W’Him is back in the theater again today, with a dress rehearsal at 8pm.
The lights are dimming and it’s about to start in fact, so I’ll sign off now.

Tomorrow is opening night!
If you don’t have yours yet, tickets to
Cast the First Rock in Twenty Twelve
3 New Dance Creations by Olivier Wevers
January 20-22, 2012 at Intiman

are available at:

And the weather prediction is comforting: good old-fashioned Seattle rain!