“I left with a suitcase and an open plane ticket,”

says Whim W’Him‘s founder and artistic director Olivier Wevers.
He was on his way to America.
“I wasn’t scared, even though I had no money and didn’t speak the language. I thought ‘I’m gonna get a job there.’ Never thought it might not happen.”

But why did Olivier want to leave Belgium? What made him feel stalled at a dead end when he wasn’t yet out of his teens? “They didn’t allow me to be creative,” he says of his academic school in Brussels “I didn’t feel I was learning, just memorizing. I liked best the teacher in French class. One time a week we had to write something and read it out loud in front of the class. I would overwrite—so many pages.” The feedback and even the self-
exposure, “taught me so much about myself. It’s when you push yourself that you learn.”