And now for something completely different…

The images by Stefano Altamura (see last week’s post) of Omar Román de JesúsWelcome to Barrio Ataxia for Whim W’Him‘s Choreographic Shindig IV are dark and intense in subject and mood, deftly capturing Omar’s exploration of mental instability from within and without. The narrative and Stefano’s photos of Brendan Duggan‘s Stephanie Knows Some Great People couldn’t show more of a contrast, to start with at least. For one thing, words—inconsequential social chatter—are the most striking aspect of the soundscape. The program notes read:

We’ve finally settled.
Although we haven’t traveled far, we’re having a party so you’ll know where we are!
Please join us in warming our new home with cocktails and conversation.
All are welcome, feel free to bring significant others (or better halves 😀 )
No gifts please, your presence is the only present required!