A while back, after the first round of creating his new piece for Whim W’Him‘s upcoming Shindig,* choreographer Joshua Peugh wrote me from Tulsa, where he was doing another job: “The working title for Whim W’Him is The Boy Next Door. It may change when I see the work again. I’ve been trying to let it sit until I get back with the company week after next. I haven’t looked at it or thought much about it since I left; I wanted to let it simmer for a while. The piece features music by The Lennon Sisters, The Mills Brothers, and The McGuire Sisters. As a rule, I don’t like to say much about the work before people have had time to make sense of it for themselves. I believe movement is the most basic form of human communication, and that dance—as an extension—should be accessible to everyone everywhere. I don’t want to color someones experience of the work before they’ve seen it. I will tell you, the design idea is 1940s TV game show.