Major choreographic work was done in June, but a lot was only sketched in.

Details were missing, connections unclear.
Some things worked brilliantly.
Others didn’t—dancers didn’t like them, Olivier couldn’t get them right.
A lot more work was essential.
In December (2009) the dancers came together again,
to remember and reconstruct.
to add to what was learned in June,
to work on solos,
pas de deux,
After the first run-through, the second run-through, and the first tastes of Byron Au Yong’s new music, things are coming together.
The company is excited—and exciting.
But a dancer’s life is often peripatetic. Five of the nine left for New York and temporary dance engagements in the first days of the new year.

Rehearsals continue for those still in town and the others as they trickle back, but it will be January 11 before everyone reassembles—five days to opening night…

from then on it’s flat out work!
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