Creation of 3Seasons started back in June 2009.
As Olivier told On the Boards Artistic Director Lane Czaplinski, on the first day of rehearsal, dancers from Spectrum stood on one side of the room, PNB dancers on the other, independent dancer Jim Kent at the back.
In the beginning, no one knew what to expect.
Olivier deliberately mixed the dancers up.
It was hard,
but they all were skilled,
and willing to experiment.
Dancing, watching, asking questions,
they learned from each other
and became a cohesive group.
Bit by bit dance and dancers came together.
After the first rehearsal, Olivier emailed me (alas I was far away):
 “It was wonderful to be on the stage at On the Boards. It is a wonderful space and just knowing that it is the same location as the performances is comforting.
“The dancers that I’m working with are so wonderful. Dedicated, professional and so f#$^&ing talented (excuse my French). Oh, and they are fun too.
“I love and want humor in the process. I don’t take myself too seriously and being able to have that lightness of spirit, but with the full commitment to excellence is a treat.
“My kind of work environment!
“Worked on the opening solo that will be repeated in the last movement of the work. Started one way, and after two hours changed most of it, but I am happy now. My floor pas de deux is getting there…it is starting to look the way I am hoping for. Happy with some of the impossible contortions (sorry dancers).
“Also started working on Jimmy’s solo. The theme is about hoarding objects, and always wanting more (materialistic) and thinking we own it all. It will be more comedic than I thought.
“It was nice to see the dancers from different companies watching each other and appreciate each other’s work. Comments like ‘wow,he can move so well!…’look at that gorgeous…’
“Preparing myself for the day when I’ll be frustrated and un-happy with my work. We never know when that happens.
“Is it when I am more tired? I just have to be ready to accept it, and move on, not dwell.”

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