In these complex times, with so much threatening to break us apart — as a world, as a society, as individuals and in personal relationships — we need also to remember the things that bring us closer together, that join and bind us in friendship, love and humanity. It is possible to bring beauty, harmony and play back into our lives. Says New York choreographer, and director of Pigeonwing Dance, Gabrielle Lamb, “Ruptures can be repaired, and they can also open space for something resilient and unexpected to grow.” This idea was the premise of her  first creation for Whim W’Him, in the January 2018 Configurate program. With the photographs of this second almost-all-images post featuring the  the splendidly evocative work of Bamberg Fine Art Photography, we see groups forming, shattering or fragmenting, and new structures forming in Gabrielle’s Joinery. (Costumes by Mark Zappone and lighting by Michael Mazzola.)

In the words of critic Gigi Berardi, Joinery “had the look of contact improv, while conveying intensity and emotion, even in the smallest of statements. The ensemble movement was beautiful, meaningful, and deliberate – as if moving through thick air – push, pull; push, rebound, falling in and out of intriguing patterns.” It is, she asserts, “a piece I would want to see again and again.”