It’s fun, and also quite humbling, to compile from time to time a mostly-images post, from the work of Bamberg Fine Art Photography. In the absence of live performance, these beautiful images convey the complex, subtle, dramatic essence of dance differently, and perhaps better, than any words. Here, to begin this series on Whim W’Him’s Configurate program are some choice photographs from Ihsan Rustem’s Seed.

Seed is a strange, compelling, and fanciful series of interlocked metaphors for the human condition as depicted via the travails of its protagonist “Karl,” danced by Karl Watson. From his ignominious earthly arrival in a heap, through struggles with the Devil and other adversaries and afflictions; a course of hypnotherapy; and a riveting encounter with God (to Nina Simone‘s raw rendering of Sinnerman), Karl and those he meets on his journey through life embody Ihsan’s unique fusion of demanding dance, riveting images, compassion and sly, mordant, sometimes even gentle humor. (Costumes by Mark Zappone and lighting by Michael Mazzola.)