It’s endlessly fascinating, when talking to people about how they got where they are—literally or figuratively—to observe the role of chance or luck in our most basic choices about where & how to live and what to do.

A case in point is Molly Magee. The third member (along with Kim & Adam Bamberg of  Bamberg Fine Art Photography Whim W’him‘s gifted photographic team), Molly moved to Seattle because she once spent 24 hours here on an RV road trip with her aunt and chose photography merely “as something to pursue.” In the last four years, though, Molly has come, by a combination of luck and recognizing good opportunities, to lead “a totally different life. Before,” she says, “it was a life of reaction. Now it’s a life of positive action. Photography and community are essential to that.” And Whim W’Him has come to play an integral part in her new life.

Raised in an art-minded environment (her mother, like Kim’s, was an interior designer), she tried various media, but could do none to her satisfaction. “I was a horrible painter,