In the week after a show is over, I like to showcase some of the wonderful Bamberg Fine Art Photography photos that are taken by Molly Magee and Kim & Adam Bamberg during each run and for which isn’t space in publicity photos or on this blog in regular posts. After all, dance is a visual and aural phenomenon. It is not made out of words and mostly doesn’t use them in the finished performance. Words are mere handmaidens of the art, of some use in communicating choreographers’ ideas or dancers questions and suggestions, helpful to audiences in the form of titles, program notes or critics assessments or after show Q&A sessions, but composed of different stuff than dance itself. So here without further ado, or words, are some of my favorite images from Whim W’Him’s OUT-spoken.

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Olivier Wevers, A Disagreeable Tale of Duplicity


James Gregg, Into You I Go Willingly

Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, Delicious Pesticides

As soon as OUT-spoken was over, the dancers were already back in the studio Monday morning with Lauren Edson, one of three choreographers they chose for the 2nd Choreographic Shindig.

In coming weeks, look for posts on all the Shindig choreographers plus new dancers Liane Aung & Karl Watson.

Shindig – Whim W’Him September 9-17, 2016 ERICKSON THEATRE OFF BROADWAY  Choreographers:    Lauren Edson | Joseph Hernandez | MADBOOTS