In the half dozen years since he graduated with a BA in marketing from Seattle University, Greg Boudreau has put on a dozen solo exhibits, contributed to a couple of dozen group shows, and had several commissions. Taking off from the grafitti techniques of Banksy and other adepts of subversive outdoor art, but developing in his own unique direction, he tends to bring the outdoors in. His most frequent subjects are industrial and urban landscapes, though he also does portraits, and has recently produced a quirky and sneakily sinister series of depictions of big game hunters with their prey.

Greg employs a complex process that starts with photos he has taken. Manipulating the images on a computer, he prints the layers as architectural blue-print plots, based on which he cuts stencils by hand. His many-layered paintings are then built up using multiple stencils with spray paint on frames constructed of salvaged wood.

Here is the piece Greg is contributing, to the très out on a whim auction this coming Saturday, October 15 at the Capital Hill studio of Steve Jensen. It’s entitled “Poster Debris“: