He finds himself in gesture. A means of translation, of communication with others.

The first thing often noticed about the choreography of Olivier Wevers, Whim W’Him’s founder and artistic director, is how he uses hands. Very far from just an incidental appendage or extension of a line, hands in his work are expressive of emotion, and ideas.

“I emphasize tracing in space, using the air around,” he says. “It is a sense of precision, strength, heaviness that’s appealing to me. Using the air. Intention not decoration.”
Olivier combines and emends techniques and forms of modern dance, ballet and many other sources, from the Baroque to hip hop. He likes to move away from the sometimes formulaic or pre-determined tropes of ballet. Always—in rehearsal with the dancers, in conversation, an interview or a post-performance Q&A—he emphasizes intention, what is being meant by this gesture in this context at this exact moment.