October’s big event for Whim W’Him executive director Katie Bombico, her husband Daniel Rowe and their daughter Rosalina, was a new addition to their family. Hollis Anthony Rowe—2 weeks late and a large presence in the world from birth (10.8 lbs & 22.5 inches long!)—is already smiling at barely 3 weeks old.


It’s also been a  busy early-autumn-pause-between-shows for the dancers. Longtime Whim W’Him colleagues and friends of dancer Mia Monteabaro joined her and her family and friends to celebrate her marriage to ski racer Drew Tabke in Santa Barbara on October 22, photographed by Molly Magee of Whim W’Him’s official image makers, Bamberg Fine Art Photography.

Beautiful couple, beautiful scenery.


Justin Reiter, Patrick KilbaneOlivier Wevers, Tory Peil and Jim Kent joined in…

…and hung out before & after the festivities.

fullintofall 4

Getting there and back was half the fun for Tory, who says of her time off, “I finally had time to go on adventures up and down the West Coast with my two favorite beings (Michael my boyfriend and Sam my poodle). Road tripping has always been something I love. Snacks, music and good company zipping down the high way is my happy place.”


Karl Watson & his sister Libby went hiking—and climbed Mount Si in the fog…

fullintofall 5

…while Liane Aung celebrated another important milestone in October: “I turned 30! Hahah!”


Meanwhile, Jim Kent reports: “One new exciting thing is that Dylan

[Ward] and I moved. Much more space and for not that much more money. Space has made us much closer!”


And Justin notes, “I dyed my hair blue!”

fullintofall 12

This week, starting as it does with Halloween…


…is a big one for Whim W’Him. Today artistic director Olivier Wevers began in the studio creating his newest work, to premiere as part of the January program, SENSATION, the second show of Whim W’Him’s 2016-17 Senses season. His piece will feature a new musical composition from New York City-based composer, Brian Lawlor, who has created music for Olivier in the past (I don’t remember a spark, May 2013).  Much more on this piece in future posts, as well as lots of news about original works from New York choreographer Larry Keigwin and Penny Saunders, whose 2015 Soir Bleu was a Whim W’Him audience favorite. These new works premiere January 22-30 at Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center.

[Whim W’Him presents SENSATION – Brown Paper Tickets]


Then on Thursday, November 3, Whim W’Him’s main donor event of the year will take place.

If you don’t have your tickets yet, get them here: Fall Fete 2016 – Whim W’Him and join Whim W’Him at 415 Westlake in South Lake Union”for an enchanting evening full of surprises and exclusive WHIMsider fun.”