The short, sweet, strenuous story of Whim W’Him’s  flying visit to NYC — for a Jan 8, 2011 showcase performance of Monster for the A.P.A.P. (Association of Performing Arts Presenters) Convention — told mostly in  Whimmers’ words and cell phone snapshots…

Jan. 7, 2011 at 6:48 am

Early risers. Up before the sun. NYC here we come!

APAP showcase tonight, 8:15pm, NY City Center studio 4 – sharing with Jacoby & Pronk –> Monster

Can’t wait!

New York City — it’s been too long!


I want every day to last as long as possible!

Arriving late afternoon. Half hour lighting rehearsal, 23 minute show. Very primitive lighting, more or less just on and off. Everything is insanely fast here. Masses of people. Unbelievable energy!

Next morning, Sat January 8

Annabelle shows her moves as she hails a cab.

“That’s the only way to do if you really want a cab to stop!”

Rehearsal at Ballet Hispanico!

Lovely space to work. Rehearsing Cylindrical Shadows with Annabelle, first time since October.

Crazy day, meeting with friends, exploring the city, getting ready for the show.

8:15 — Showtime in Studio 4A, Whim W’Him and Jacoby & Pronk.

Performance space has banked seats for 120. Every one is taken and maybe 100 more people are packed in without. Terrific ovation!

Fun in the city after an AMAZING showcase…on a high!

Great reviews, lots of talks with presenters, and now it’s back to Seattle?

Not just yet. After two hours on the runway,the plane takes off, but then a woman has a medical emergency. Very tense and scary time. Eventually the plane returns to JFC, where the passengers wait in the plane until the patientias stabilized by medics on the tarmac. Have to change planes.

Another long wait…


On the plane again. Landing at 3am. Long long day.