Yesterday afternoon—it already seems so long ago—Olivier Wevers danced his last pas de deux, the exquisite Divertissement in Act II of George Balanchine’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, with his long-time partner Kaori Nakamura.

Emotional and classically pure, elegant and touching, the performance was followed at the end of the ballet, shortly thereafter, by an extended standing ovation for Olivier, of whose 22 year career, 14 have been spent with Pacific Northwest Ballet.

Before, during, and afterward, Molly Magee, for La Vie Photography, captured this momentous day in the life of Olivier Wevers. Here is sampling of what she saw: backstage before the show, in the wings, Divertissement, and afterward.

…and then today already, without missing a beat,
it was Whim W’Him business and rehearsal.
And Thursday, on to Copenhagen!

Photos courtesy of Molly Magee:

and La Vie Photography: