Lucien is an elegant classical dancer,

the epitome of clarity in motion.I asked him what his role is in the process—aside from dancing and being Olivier’s spouse. “To tie up any loose strings,” he replied, “and to be a second set of eyes.” Especially in tech week, when Olivier often has been involved in questions of lighting, costumes, or Byron’s new music, Lucien has acted as a sort of “energy co-ordinator.”

Originally Olivier was going to choreograph a particular solo for Lucien and send it by Skype to him in New York, where he was dancing just after the new year with a group from Pacific Northwest Ballet at the Joyce Theater. But there never was enough time. It was finally completed Thursday, after company class at PNB. What had made things more  is the fact that PNB rehearsals for The Sleeping Beauty, where he will dance the prince were also going on simultaneously. That’s an awful lot of role switching to undergo in the course of a day or a week, even for a strong and versatile dancer.

We haven’t actually had much time to talk with travel and all his intense activity, so more of Lucien’s ideas later.

For now, let a few photos do the talking…