Jim is an independent dancer and an independent man.

He dances for several companies, but doesn’t invent or conceive of himself inside of any one institutional structure.

In his life, both precarious and free, he thinks about balance, not just in his dancing, but between the various aspects of his life: dance—modern, but with a good deal of training in ballet; music—principally piano, also violin; and the supplementary work needed to bring in enough money to live, as a waiter, a piano player for ballet classes and various other jobs.

WhimW’Him’s 3Seasons is an unusual experience for Jim. He generally collaborates with a choreographer or company, such as Scott/Powell Performance, to develop a piece gradually over months, whereas this work is, for scheduling reasons, being created in bursts of intense concentration for many hours at a time on a relatively small number of days.

Jim enjoys interacting with new dancers he may have seen perform, but has never worked with before. Seeing them not on stage, but in a rehearsal hall “in nothing but booty shorts,” gives you a different perspective. The company of dancers that is creating WhimW’Him has a joyful dynamic says Jim, despite the different styles and backgrounds. Like other dancers he was a little nervous at the beginning