Half a dozen starts to this post. Each draft overtaken or interrupted by events. Just now I spent over an hour on the phone with an old friend we hadn’t heard from in years, pouring his heart out. There will never be an ideal moment (or finished thought), so now’s the time to get it out.

Whim W’Him’s office during Stay at Home

This elephant doesn’t just fill the room, its gigantic body looms over the entire planet, and every conversation that doesn’t mention or even center on it seems a bit like missing the point. It’s so omnipresent that even facing it and looking it straight in the eye is only a first step, and not one that particularly clears the air in the way acknowledging many problems does. We just have to live with it, and talking about how we’re processing it is sometimes the only medicine available. We all test positive to being part of this upheaval.

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