Swaths of earthy tones seem to swirl where the dancers will move. Dark zigzags slash wide spaces.

A heavy diagonal ‘sky’ weighs down the scene currently being created by painter/sculptor Steve Jensen, with the able technical assistance of scenic artist Ruth Gilmore for Olivier Wevers‘s new piece, ThrOwn—to premiere January 20-22, 2012 at Intiman Theatre. Costumes, designed by Christine Joly de Lotbiniere, are now under construction as well, by Christine and Marilyn Burbank of Entr’acte Designs.

If the dancers are not to be engulfed by this vibrant and dynamic scene, they must stand out visually, even at rest, from their surroundings. What they wear thus needs detail, strong lines, some dark elements, and a certain degree of “busyness,” says Christine. It uses tones from the original scenic palette—of black, raspberry, “flesh,” peach, purple—plus greens, ochres, umbers as contrast.

The costumes have a good deal of functional, not to speak of symbolic freight to carry off as well. Throu