For the second time in exactly a year Olivier Wevers, Whim W’Him’s artistic director, is choreographing to the Brahms Violin Concerto in D Major. “It’s a beautiful piece,” is all that he will say about what attracts him to it. For Olivier’s earlier creation, We are not the same (January 2015), composer Brian Lawlor stretched, reworked and overlaid with new sounds the second movement of the concerto, as well as parts of two other Brahms works. Now Olivier is setting the first movement, to premiere in Whim W’Him’s IN-spired program (along with new works by Mark Haim and Dominic Walsh, January 22-31, at Cornish Playhouse). “I wanted to use the pure music this time,” he says. And Brahms and Tights, the title of his newest piece, is also pure dance.