Some thoughts after reading a series posts about Whim W’Him’s first program—by Donald Byrd on his Spectrum blog, Jen Graves on The Stranger‘s blog, SLOG, and Jeremy M. Barker on The SunBreak, as well as various other comments and responses.

Three loaded issues intersect here:

1) The relation of biography and art in 3Seasons.
Artists do not create ex nihilo. Life counts.
The role of Kaori Nakamura, Olivier Wevers’s former wife, is central to 3Seasons. The woman in the battered tutu appears to stand for nature or the environment; or for what is good and true in humanity; or even, arguably, for women. So what, several people have asked, does it say about a choreographer when he casts his ex-wife in a role in which she is “humped” (Byrd’s term) by his current (male) spouse and then, at the end of the piece—adding injury to insult—thrown in a garbage can after being smeared with blood?*

*[Couple of corrections. First, the “blood” smeared was intended to be earth. At dress rehearsal the night before opening, the avail