Penny Saunders

dancer feature – Lara Seefeldt

As I was thinking about how to introduce Lara Seefeldt's Dancer Feature, I came across this tribute to her by fellow Whim W'Him dancer Justin Reiter: "Lara Seefeldt is a classic beauty. And don’t let her petite figure fool you, [...]

2017-02-07T02:20:50-08:00April 16th, 2015|

balancing—Whim W’Him dancers on pain

So how do Whim W'Him's dancers cope with pain? It’s a balancing act, literally and figuratively. Says Thomas Phelan, "I've obviously discussed pain a lot while dancing. For example, when I'm having my students hold the splits and they complain, [...]

2018-02-08T16:52:14-08:00March 12th, 2015|

moving – Penny Saunders

Penny Saunders—photo by Tom Maday "I was really young, just turning three," says Penny Saunders, who is choreographing a new piece for Whim W'Him's January show. "You know—my mom." The usual reasons kids get put in dance classes—something [...]

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