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retiring – Mia Monteabaro

Mia Monteabaro has a reticent rather than flamboyant personality and doesn’t like public speaking, but she is very articulate and perceptive in her verbal observations. She is honest and deeply expressive in her dance. With [...]

August 12th, 2020|

evolving – Whim W’Him reboots

What is essential work? Official definitions change every few days and differently in different places. But beyond the basic physical requirements for sustenance and rudimentary health, some needs—like art; love in its widest meanings of connection with others; a sense of play—are primal, necessary to the sustaining of human culture and life worth living.

May 31st, 2020|

Exploring, intimately
and in wider perspective, the creative process of Olivier Wevers, Whim W’Him and their many collaborators—in the studio, behind the scenes and onstage.


Victoria Farr Brown is a former historian, a writer, now mostly of fiction, and a long-time lover of dance. She has written about Whim W’Him from its first steps in 2009.

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