“Dance should be accessible to everyone everywhere. I don’t want to color someone’s experience of the work before they’ve seen it,” says Heartstrings choreographer Joshua Peugh, but “I will tell you, the design idea is 1940s TV game shows.”
Sassy, quirky, and fun.

Too often male duets are displayed as combative by some unwritten rule of nature and it was pleasant to see one that broke out of this stereotype and was gentle, as most relationships are. The choreography contained some great sweeping arcs and moments of sublime beauty.

Dean Speer, Criticla Dance

Joshua L. Peugh’s “Short Acts on the Heartstrings,” is a sprightly confection, a ballroom-vaudeville romp that taps the acting, as well as dancing, talents of Whim W’Him’s seven company members.

Alice Kaderlan, The Seattle P-I

Things start on a light but subversive note with Joshua L. Peugh’s “Short Acts on the Heartstrings.” Performed in high-school prom-wear by seven dancers, the piece serves up swoony dips and absurd flourishes in equal measure.

Michael Upchurch, The Seattle Times

Short Acts on the Heartstrings


September 11, 2015
Erickson Theater Off Broadway


Joshua L. Peugh


The Lennon Sisters, Anita O’Day, Plavi Orkestar, The Mills Brothers, Ryuichi Sakamoto, The McGuire Sisters


Joshua L. Peugh


Michael Mazzola