Seattle’s premiere contemporary ballet company has done it again. Since its inception 6 years ago, Whim W’Him has grown into a pinnacle of artistic achievement within its short lifespan. Artistic Director, Olivier Wevers, has become synonymous with creative ingenuity. Every [...]

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IN-spired to Success: Whim W’Him at Cornish Playhouse

Wevers too is calling more and more upon his dancers’ prodigious technique, allowing it to show and shine. Brahms and Tights is a “keeper” and the dancers deserve this treatment to, not just dance to, but more importantly, in which to respond.

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Cylindrical Shadows at PNB

Annabelle Lopez Ochoa's Cylindrical Shadows created for Whim W'Him in 2011 is being re-staged for Pacific Northwest Ballet. See it at McCaw Hall opening Friday March 16th with original cast members Andrew Bartee & Lucien Postlewaite Check out some images [...]

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