Whatever did dancers do before cellphones? Even when the Whim W’Him dancers are in all 3 of the pieces on the program, the last days before the opening of any show are a strange and palpable combination of tension, excitement and a lot of waiting around.


Michael Mazzola works on lighting and confers with theater staff.


Floors are marked and the crew make their myriad essential…


…and sometimes rather mysterious adjustments.


For the dancers, waiting is punctuated throughout the day and evening by notes from choreographers…


…and ±20-minute intervals of highly demanding physical action and mental concentration as each of the three new creations is run—usually full-out.


Join Whim W’Him dancers Jim Kent, Justin Reiter, Karl Watson, Liane Aung, Mia Monteabaro, Patrick Kilbane and Tory Peil for  SENSATION, which opens tonight at the Cornish Playhouse in Seattle Center for three new creations by Penny Saunders, Larry Keigwin, and Whim W’Him artistic director Olivier Wevers.

Photo credit: Bamberg Fine Art Photography