This spring Whim W’Him is branching out,
Where are we going this time?
To the Erickson Theatre on Capitol Hill.
New venue, a new community to beguile, smaller space with more shows,
and a comfy, welcoming interior for the audience.

But the stage is a mystery, black box, black hole…

So what’s happening there in May?
What we do know is…
Whim W’Him’s artistic director Olivier Wevers will bring in new Light.

Andrew Bartee is rethinking his work, turning in a different direction.

And Whim W’Him’s women are inspiring Annabelle Lopez Ochoa’s choreography.

Plus, dancers performing right there on level of the first row of seats.
No décor, just moving bodies.
Nothing to hide behind.
This show is #Unprotected and you can buy tickets for it HERE!

Keep tuned. More soon.

Photo Credit:
Bamberg Fine Art Photography